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Customer Advisory

Please be warned of "Phishing" attacks where fraudsters send random e-mails that look like they came from China Bank (see sample below) to customers to click on as if they have an "Unread Message on Your Online China Bank Account".

There are other "Phishing" e-mails with the message that their China Bank Online Account is locked (or the system upgraded) and they need to reset it (or update their account) .

Once customer clicks the link, they are led to a Fake and Fraud site (made up to look like China Bank's) where they are asked to input their user name and passwords. This is a modus operandi for these fraudsters to get user name and passwords and make unauthorized fund transfers from the account.

Please do not reply or click on any links on these "Phishing" e-mails. Most importantly, do NOT input your user name and passwords on the link provided. China Bank does NOT ask customers for their user name and passwords except when transacting directly on the genuine China Bank website."

Below is a sample of "Phishing" E-mail that some customers received - please ignore these e-mails:

Sample Phishing Email

GSFund 1.599329
DollarFund 1.467009
Money Market Fund 1.128692
Balanced Fund 1.389413
Equity Fund 1.036030
Updated : 08/15/2013 06:09 PM
Customer's Feedback
I must say that your online banking interface is very user friendly. The best I've ever used so far.
- Ruby Fabian -
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