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China Bank Online Internet Banking
China Bank Online Internet Banking

To use this facility effectively, your computer must have at least the following specifications:

Hard Disk space 20 MB free space minimum
RAM 32 MB minimum
Operating System Any operating system that supports the recommended browsers
Browser Internet Explorer version 5.5 or above, Firefox, Camino, Safari
Resolution Best viewed at 1024 x 768 resolution

  • Enrollment required. 
Qualified Accounts
  • Peso, US Dollar and Euro Savings Accounts
  • Peso, US Dollar and Euro Time Deposit Accounts
  • Loan Accounts
Service Fees None
Account Access
  • Inquire your account balances
  • View your account history and details
  • Pay bills and China Bank loans now, on a later date, or repeatedly (no biller enrollment required).
  • Purchase pre-paid card PINs
Transfer Funds
  • Transfer funds now, on a later date, or repeatedly with no target account enrollment required
    • From one enrolled account to another
    • To other China Bank accounts
    • To accounts of other BancNet member banks
  • Convert your US Dollars and Euros into Pesos by transferring funds from your US Dollar or Euro account to your Peso account
  • Request for a Checkbook
  • Enroll additional accounts
  • Subscribe to Mobile Banking
  • Apply for Insurance
  • Purchase Bonds
  • Tag your TellerCard as Lost/Stolen
  • Submit an ATM Complaint/Request
  • Submit a Stop Payment Order (SPO) Request
  • Change your log-in, transaction, and mobile banking passwords
  • Update your mobile number and other personal information
Modeling Calculate monthly amortization for consumer loans and interests on deposits
Auction Submit a bid for pre-owned vehicles or real estate property
Alerts Subscribe and receive free alerts via email or text message on your account status
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